Sunday, August 21, 2011

Teaching MAs and DMins about Scholarly Communication

This weekend I am working on plans for a course for MA and DMin students in Researching and Writing for Theology. I will begin teaching the course this fall--two hours each week. We did have a PhD student from the Univ. of Chicago teaching, but now that she has gone on her way, I am taking it over. So I started out working from her syllabus, but quickly realized that while I do want to work with the students on these topics and research/writing will be the major part of the course, I also want to cover topics of scholarly (and pastoral) communication. So my current thought is each week to assign a short reading, say from a current blog post (not mine) or article in IHE or Chronicle about issues of scholarly communication. Then we will have spirited (I hope) discussion of the topic in class. Indoctrinate them early, I say! Any other librarians or theological educators having ideas on this, let me know!

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