Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Happened?

Most readers of my blog know that in early March I spent three days in the hospital wondering why I had no platelets! Doctor made a really good guess and put me on a really high dose of steroids which made it difficult for me to focus and write. I had a couple of projects that had hard deadlines, so I abandoned my blog for a while and now I am hoping to pick it up again. 

One project was a paper on scholarly sustainability and lifelong learning which I presented in May at the Kent State University Conference on Information and Religion. This paper is posted on my site along with a pre-print of my paper on Scholarly Sustainability and Theological Librarianship which was presented at the 2010 ATLA conference. The other project was Never Enough Singing: Essays in Honor of Seth Kasten, a festschrift I edited for the ATLA choirmaster who recently retired.

I also manged to finish an article on "Three London Catholic Libraries" which will be published in July in Theological Librarianship and my colleague, Lorraine, and I managed to finish an article on the Vatican Library conference which we attended in November, which I hope will also be published soon. So, that is what happened. However, now I am in book heaven and almost completely off the steroids, so I am hoping to add almost immediately to my blog a post about book jaunts, research, and vocation! You can read about Scholarly Sustainability on my page!

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