Saturday, October 29, 2011

My baby library!

Here are a few photos of my baby! Yep, at least that is how it feels. My library baby, the new library at the American Islamic College. I have been helping to bring this library to some sort of reality and now here it is looking like a real library! It is, it just needs some more work. Everything needs to be cataloged, for example. But now, the books are on the donated shelving and sorted by categories—Arabic books on one side for now, and English on the other. The library is applying for membership in the local Illinois library regional group and hopes to be able to apply to CARLI soon. I think they need book ends. But more seriously, they really have no current scholarship in English about Islam and once cataloging starts, it will be interesting to find out what kind of primary source material they are missing. Really any Islamica would be greatly appreciated. 

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