Friday, August 20, 2010

Intute and Scholarly Sustainability

A few days ago, Lorcan Dempsey posted about the decision of JISC to stop funding Intute. I don't regularly use Intute myself, but now that I have looked at it again, I wish I thought of it more often! I have never been quite sure what I think about "subject gateways" to the web. I maintained a Reference Resources page at a Jesuit college for many years and we have a few things on our website here at CTU (but haven't developed any kind of massive lists of resources--instead usually pointing our students to the Wabash guide and a couple of other selected resources). I've always been intrigued by the ATSRW project of ATLA; not a subject gateway, it is designed to get bib records for websites into the catalog. I thought this might be a better way to curate the web, but it hasn't gathered huge momentum. All this to say, the FAQ at the Intute website is really a mini-primer on scholarly sustainability--it outlines some of the funding problems they have and various routes they have (and are) considering to continue its viability.

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